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Those who use phrases similar to “hoping to be friends first” are usually looking for fun rather than commitment, says Laurie Davis, founder and CEO of e Flirt Expert, and author of You can also weed out the casual sex seekers by looking at the context around your planned date: Is he willing to set up a date for a week or so later?Meet for coffee or in a place where you can hear each other talk?However, the chance of aggression leading to non-consensual sex, even if not great, is high enough that aggressors should work diligently to avoid this potentially grave result.

In this week's Sex Talk Realness, speaks with three twentysomething men about their (very different) experiences with Tinder. Man C: Tinder is a crazy-powerful tool with amazing connective power.

Read what WOMEN really think about using Tinder here. If you use it with the goal of meeting someone new and having a new experience, I think it is a great tool.

Man A: Less than a year — maybe about eight months. Man A: I use Tinder about every other day, mostly when I get bored at night. Tinder caters to our most base sexual instincts: looks.

It just feels creepy whenever I try to hit on girls or "be sexy" on Tinder. When it comes to dating I much rather meet in person in a natural environment for the first time and see if there is an actual connection. I don't think it promotes a positive first impression of character — unless you haven't any, in which case go nuts!

Passive recipients may acquiesce out of fear, which aggressors may not realize.

Some philosophers argue that social norms are sufficiently well known to make this misunderstanding unlikely.

But it felt weird and fake and, as much as I wanted to, I couldn’t.

This sexual narrative was supposed to assert my autonomy, but I felt anything but empowered after a condom mishap.

Her take: “I went out with a guy I met online who seemed really sweet and charming. A few days later, he texts me to say that he isn't looking for a girlfriend—just casual sex.

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