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Furthermore, they show that SIVcpz can be transmitted in captivity, from one chimpanzee subspecies to another.

All three SIVcpz-cam viruses clustered with HIV-1 N in Human immunodeficiency virus type 1 (HIV-1) groups M, N, and O are considered to result from at least three independent introductions of simian immunodeficiency virus (SIV) cpz from chimpanzees into the human population (23).

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The Community Earth System Model (CESM1) CAM4-chem has been used to perform the Chemistry Climate Model Initiative (CCMI) reference and sensitivity simulations.

Our TC-permitting numerical simulations predict enhanced global-average peak TC intensity, longer duration, increased power dissipation, and a poleward migration of the location of peak intensity during the mid-Pliocene, although there are regional differences in the magnitude and statistical power of the climate/TC relationships.

Our results share similarities with global TC changes observed during recent global warming and in most future projections and provide a window into the potential TC activity that may be expected in a warmer world.

Four subspecies of chimpanzees are currently recognized: , and subsequent transmission to humans (4).

If this is so, SIVcpz viruses phylogenetically strongly related to HIV-1 group N might circulate in the same geographic area as group N viruses.

We highlight new data sets that are suited for multi-model evaluation studies.

Most important improvements of the model are the treatment of stratospheric aerosols and the corresponding adjustments for radiation and optics, the updated chemistry scheme including improved polar chemistry and stratospheric dynamics and improved dry deposition rates.

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