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A median of 35% of adults across 22 Latin American countries said their women are treated this way -- about half as high as percentages in any other region of the world.

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The Defensoría del Pueblo reported in November 2013 that 85 women are killed a month in Colombia.

Another 924 are victims of sexual abuse, and more than 2,600 report familial violence.

We dated by the fission track method eighteen samples of obsidian glass.

Of these, seventeen were artefacts collected in prehispanic archaeological sites from Ecuador and Colombia and one comes from a secondary obsidian source located in southern Colombia.

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Latin online dating at its very best, we have thousands of South American Latin singles seeking love, Search for Latino women and Latin men in your area.The La Maná region has drawn attention for decades after the Head of the Ecuadorian Ministry of Mines Dr. Guillermo Sotomayor (1918-2009) made the surprise discovery of a cache of hundreds of ancient relics that included dozens of magnetic stone artifacts with inlaid designs that fluoresce under ultraviolet light.Sotomayor's years of research concerning a set of 13 magnetic stone cups led him to recognize the astonishing purity and curative effects of the springwaters of these mystical mountains.When our data are compared to (i) the fission track ages of obsidian from volcanic sources and (ii) the PIXE chemical composition of the same artefacts and of samples from obsidian sources, eight discrete age/composition groups appear.Fifteen artefacts might come from a single unknown source: three others from sources in the Sierra de Guamani (East of Quito): one from the Mullumica rhyolitic flow and two from the Quiscatola/Yanaurcu sources.Dating from the late XVI century, Hacienda Zuleta lies in the spectacular Andean mountain range of Ecuador at 9,600 feet above the sea level, and only two hours north of Quito, the capital of Ecuador.

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