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Organize your numeric or text data in spreadsheets or workbooks.

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I tried saving the *file with a new name to a different folder but the old data keeps coming up.

I could edit the fields in Word, but that would be very time consuming.

If you're importing foreign data or sharing a workbook, the data often ends up in several sheets.

As a result, turning data into meaningful information can be difficult.

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She is certified in Microsoft application and served as the newsletter editor for Office Creating an Interactive Spreadsheet Automating Report Generation Community Q&A One of the many features of Microsoft Excel is its ability to automate reports.You can create interactive spreadsheets to simplify others' ability to enter data into its workbooks, and you can also automate the generation of its reports.While you can certainly copy and paste data from a network or Web-based external source into Excel, importing the data by connecting to it provides an added benefit.If the information in the primary source should change, you can simply refresh your worksheet to update your data as well.This feature isn't for serious database developers, and please don't blast me for Microsoft's unfortunate choice for naming this new feature. As you can see, each record in Daily Totals contains a value that's further described by date, personnel, and city.

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