Error updating primary drop

At AM EDT on April 5th, 2017, we began to receive alerts that our public services were not functioning.Within three minutes of the initial alerts, we discovered that our primary database had been deleted.

A table name beginning with '#' indicates a temporary table.

A clause that adds a column with the specified name to the table.

(See Setting Search Paths.) You must be connected to the database that you specify.

You cannot make changes to objects in other databases.

For more information about valid names, see Names and Identifiers. The maximum table name length is 127 characters; longer names are truncated to 127 bytes.

You cannot rename a permanent table to a name that begins with '#'.

You can qualify database objects as explicitly as required.

For example, use a table and column ( does not add the column to the pre-join projections.

The maximum length for the table name is 127 bytes; longer names are truncated to 127 bytes.

You can use UTF-8 multibyte characters up to a maximum of four bytes.

Four minutes later we commenced the recovery process, using one of our time-delayed database replicas.

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