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After I finished the mesh, I pressed "Update Project" in the workbench window, and got the following two errors: "The mesh exporter failed during translation.Please send your data to your support provider" and "Update of the mesh component in ".Hum, but I've seen this Error Msg recently, checking...

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Use the Google search box (at the top of each forum page) to see if a similar problem or question has already been addressed.

We can respond much faster to your posts if you include the following information: CLICK HERE FOR IMPORTANT INFORMATION TO INCLUDE IN YOUR POSTAfter Update of i Macros or FF?

Surely, at this stage I cannot proceed to the Fluent setup.

Strangely enough, when I saved the mesh as a *file, and opened it in a separate project, I got no error, and was able to proceed to Fluent setup. How can I fix it in the original project using the "Fluid Flow (FLUENT)" analysis?

If i Macros, downgrade to v8.60, check that your Script works, re-update to v8.8.1 and confirm that you get the Problem again.

And if you don't post your Script and the "faulty" Line, there is not much anybody can do to try to reproduce your Problem...

Information in this document applies to any platform.

The customer had a problem with a custom External Business Component.

Whenever we face an issue, we try to Google or search for a resolution mostly from Oracle Support, IT Toolbox, Siebel Unleashed etc.

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