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I was dating a Danish dude at the time and was visiting Denmark from Thursday to Sunday every weekend, flying from London and back again for about 3 years straight, paying £4-10 each way.

Due to Ryanair’s strict baggage requirements for carry-ons and the fact that I never booked a checked bag (it cost £20) at the start of this long distance Danish dating, I bought myself a roll along bag IT bag, the lightest rolling cabin bag on the market, made to fit Ryanair’s size requirements exactly and beat the sleazy airline at their own game.

According to my email records, I bought it in 2008, and now, 8 years later it’s still rolling, though admittedly in much rougher shape after 300 journies up, over or away. I’m only mentioning MEC because my entire family uses their products and we’ve yet to have one break.

My husfriend and I now share the IT bag and a larger MEC one (which I’ve had since I was 18) on any travels in or out of the city we make, but it’s come to the point that we need a second one as we often travel in opposite directions at the same time and one of us (him) ends up having to make due with hauling around their stuff in a half broken backpack and an alarming number of canvas bags. All their products are ethically made and fairtrade, with profits donated to social projects, but only use eco-friendly fabrics in a portion of their products.

No matter which side of the Atlantic I live on, I’m always away from someone.

Then I married a Texan who lives in Paris with family in Spain, making seeing everyone at least once a year a nearly impossible thing without increasing our carbon footprint in some way. Probably more than an eco-blogger should, I always have.My entire life my family has lived on opposite sides of the pond with the girls in Canada and the boys in England.People are increasingly the importance of preserving the environment and saving it from further degradation in the name of economic progress.If you are part of this growing tribe but your partner isn’t, then having a life together may make for some amount of friction.At the forefront of Africa’s green movement, Cape Town was the first city to use South Africa’s commercial wind farm.

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