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Anthony Sowell, 51, was convicted on Friday local time in the killing of Tonia Carmichael, who disappeared in November 2008 and was strangled with an electrical charger for a mobile phone or camera.The jury deliberated for 15 hours before announcing the verdict on one of the first of the 83 counts against Sowell.

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It should be a time for us to celebrate but we can't.' Pregnant: Nohai, pictured, and her South African fiance were arrested after she went to a clinic when she was suffering from stomach cramps and was told she was pregnant.

The doctor alerted police and they were arrested after being unable to provide marriage certificates Mr Culverwell, who is a call centre agent, described how he had shared in his son's joy at falling in love, then the announcement of his engagement and looked forward to the wedding and meeting his beautiful daughter-in-law to be.'We were overjoyed because from the photos we have seen and from what Emlyn has told us.

The pair were arrested after 27-year-old Iryna went to a doctor with stomach cramps and he called police after discovering she was pregnant.

Speaking from his home in Johannesburg, 50-year-old Mr Culverwell said: 'This is going to be our first grandchild and we can't celebrate'Rather than looking forward to seeing our first family wedding and the birth of our first grandchild, we are beyond worried and stressed. All we can think about is how we are going to get them out of there.

Dalelv, 24, had been awaiting an appeal hearing of her 16-month sentence handed down this month after a court in the Gulf Arab emirate found her guilty of having sex outside marriage, drinking and making false statements.

Dalelv, who has been staying at a Norwegian Christian centre in Dubai pending the appeal, said a male colleague pulled her into his hotel room and raped her after she asked him to help her find her own room when they had a few drinks.

News of the sentence had dominated the front pages in Norway and raised questions about the judicial system in the Gulf state, which attracts large numbers of expatriates and tourists with a Western lifestyle but has little-publicised conservative laws covering sex and alcohol.

This booking photo recieved in 2009 from the Cleveland Police Department in Ohio shows Anthony Sowell.

'They were engaged before they found out about the baby.

The United Arab Emirates has pardoned a Norwegian woman who was sentenced to jail for “illicit sex” after she reported being raped by a colleague while on a visit to Dubai, the Norwegian foreign minister said.

Be aware of your actions to ensure that they don’t offend, especially during the holy month of Ramadan or if you intend to visit religious areas.

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