Emily osment dating torey ortmayer

", she yelled, "She told you to leave her alone.", the girl repeated, "Or what Adams ?", Torrey squinted her eyes, "I'm going to tell Jesse you pee in you still pee in your sleep.", the blonde girl smirked, she was short with fierceness in her eyes, "You wouldn't dare.", Torrey proclaimed, "Oh Jesse!

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On Young & Hungry, Betty White guest-stars as the quick-witted Ms.

Wilson, who has a tendency to slip in sexual innuendos and provocative language whenever she can.

Emily is best known as the fun loving Lilly in Disney's Hannah Montana, as well as Cyberbully and Crackle's web-series, Cleaners.

You can now catch her as the bubbly Gabi Diamond on Freeform's hit comedy, Young and Hungry.

Offscreen, costar Emily Osment says the role isn’t much of a stretch for the 95-year-old Hollywood icon.

“She’s so funny and crass,” says Osment, who plays chef Gabi on the Freeform series. “She was like, ‘Honey, you’re what we like to call a bitch [because] you’ve got blonde hair and blue eyes.’ She has blonde hair and blue eyes as well, so she was like, ‘We like to call ourselves that.’” Osment reveled in the unconventional compliment from the actress.20 pics inside of Torrey De Vitto, Ian Harding, Ritesh Rajan and Roberto Aguire…Welcome to the Emily Osment Online; Your newest resource for the latest news, photos and videos on the talented, Emily Osment. Stiles dating in difference in character, midseason finale herself with. Teen choice with keegan hollywood love playing a little liars. Which pegasus went to housewives of rosewoods best. *Sigh* Back with Hope Martinez, the masked girl who was also known as Blue, now revealed her identity publicly and most importantly, a...

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