Elluminate whiteboard not updating

If you plan to use Collaborate through Pilot, you will not need to request a Collaborate account as you will be validated through your logon through Pilot.

All users are responsible for accessing the online training and support from Collaborate, which is provided at no charge.

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Blackboard Collaborate™ Mobile – Collaborate on your mobile device!

With Blackboard Collaborate Mobile, you can join web conferencing sessions right from your i Phone or i Pad.

With Blackboard Collaborate Mobile, participants can join a live web conference for online classes, meetings, one-on-one tutoring, group projects, office hours, and much more.

With Blackboard Collaborate Mobile, participants can:• View whiteboard content, including images, presentations and annotations• View shared applications and desktops• Communicate with moderators and other participants via text chat and two-way audio• Respond to yes/no and multiple-choice polling questions• Raise their virtual hand for questions or comments• Use emotions to indicate laughter, confusion, or approval• View the names, polling responses, and emotions of other session members• Participate in breakout room sessions--To attend sessions via Blackboard Collaborate Mobile, your institution must have a hosted enterprise Blackboard Collaborate web conferencing license version 12 or higher.

You may find some relief by simply closing all other applications during your class.

Note that we are not saying close your other applications while in BBC, only do it if your pen starts to behave erratically. The letters are formed by a series of lines instead of consisting of smooth curves. In this case it was caused by using Polycom PVX while a BBC class was going on and while running First Class. If you try and sustain a PVX call while using BBC and First Class it will happen after just a few minutes.Some are available in stand-alone freeware products such as Groupboard, while others are components of license-based packages such as VClass and Web CT.The whiteboard features of these three products are reviewed.That is, the laptop is pushed to its limit as far as memory and processing power is concerned.All of the equipment supplied to staff is of very high quality and are more than capable of handling simultaneous usage of BBC, D2L, email, office applications and Adobe products.The term ‘whiteboard’ is used to describe both digital whiteboards designed for classroom use, and virtual whiteboard drawing software designed for Web use.

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