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those defined as Scheduled Monuments or Sites of Special Scientific Interest: you can obtain details of these from the landowner/occupier, Finds Liaison Officer, Historic Environment Record or at

Take extra care when detecting near protected sites: for example, it is not always clear where the boundaries lie on the ground. You are strongly recommended to join a metal detecting club or association that encourages co-operation and responsive exchanges with other responsible heritage groups.

With Picasso, there's his daughter, fashion designer, Paloma Picasso.

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The Blind Leading the Blind is a tempera-on-canvas by Pieter Bruegel the Elder, dating from 1568 and housed in the Capodimonte Museum, Naples, southern Italy.

Other titles include Blind and The Parable of the Blind.

is a bit of a strange song written by a bit of a strange songwriter – eden ahbez (he used the lower case).

He was born George Arbele in Brooklyn and was later adopted by a family in Kansas where he went by the name George Mc Grew.

He got the song to NAT KING COLE who was mightily impressed with it and recorded it. ♫ Nat King Cole - Nature Boy PAULA WATSON recorded and it started to make a mark on the charts.

A big record company, Decca, had Evelyn Knight record the song.

Larry Elder was born in Los Angeles and grew up in the city's Pico-Union and South Central areas, Elder attended Washington Preparatory High School and later graduated from Crenshaw High School and earned his B. in political science in 1974 from Brown University. Goulden and Elder won the Ohio Cable Television Association's "Best Program Series Award" in 1992 for their work on the show, which lasted until Elder moved back to Los Angeles in 1994.

While he was a lawyer in Cleveland in the late 1980s, Elder began to host a topic-oriented television show on PBS affiliate WVIZ produced by Dennis Goulden.

Details of metal detecting organisations can be found at Familiarising yourself with and following current conservation advice on the handling, care and storage of archaeological objects (see Wherever possible working on ground that has already been disturbed (such as ploughed land or that which has formerly been ploughed), and only within the depth of ploughing.

If detecting takes place on undisturbed pasture, be careful to ensure that no damage is done to the archaeological value of the land, including earthworks. Minimising any ground disturbance through the use of suitable tools and by reinstating any excavated material as neatly as possible.

He's been here each week ever since delighting us with his astonishing grasp of just about everything musical, his humor and sense of fun.

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