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Arabs, on the other hand— arguably the most romantically-minded people on the planet—have a knack for putting their feelings in more heartfelt terms than in the likes of such songs as “Hit Me, Baby, One More Time” (Britney Spears’ claim to fame) and “I Want You Back” (N Sync).

For example, Lebanese singer Asy el-Hellani sings which translates into “If they took my eyes, they would see you (in them).” But relationships don’t always start out that way..

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You will notice that marriage relationships in traditional Egypt, is dictated by religion.

Couples could court at temples and social gatherings and adult daughters could interact with guests who visited their homes.

You’re going to hear some things that’ll make your teeth itch.

First comes marriage, then the baby carriage, then love (if you’re lucky).

Hello, i am sherif, from egypt and live their, am working as Doctor and i like my work so much as i feel great when i help anyone Hmmmm i don't know what can i say about myself,, you can see and say what you want I am Moses, am kind, honest, caring and understanding, i am Sudanese by nationality was born in western sudan but i live in Egypt now. Honest, descent, straight men are gonna to be science fiction.

i like reading, listening to music and going out with friends, i love nature and i I describe myself as a simple person. Writer and journalist SALLY BISHAI’S controversial and informative opinions on the news of the day. As well as updates on whatever documentaries she’s making at the moment. Not to mention the odd “What is WRONG with society, anyway?! September 11th changed lots of things for Arabs and Arab Americans, including the ways we’re perceived.Americans (and, indeed, many westerners) have become very interested in the Middle East, and the things that happen over there. That’s right, think of any American Top 40 tune and consider the lovey-dovey words, the “I can’t live without you!Little written evidence of either true marriage ceremonies or marriages as a concept has been found.Usually there was a grand party associated with the joining of two people, but we believe it was simply a social affair and had no real religious or legal bearing.Since the Consular Service is not providing this form any longer, if you are an American, you should consult an attorney or the services of a notary.

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