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International students need specific information to navigate the U. The new College Profile pages for International students provide all this information and much more to help these students learn about and decide whether to pursue admission at a U. Students can gain awareness of your institution just as they are beginning to research college options, and learn about educational opportunities they may not have otherwise considered.

Strategically shape your enrollment by introducing your institution to students based on: Naviance Active Match has a proven ability to pair students with institutions.

With features like real-time chat supervision, chat takeover, and chat transcript review, as well as thorough analytics such as rating reports and operator efficiency reports, ensuring consistent customer service is only a few mouse clicks away.

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“Most of them have an algorithm and software associated with them, and the problem is very few people will find them and almost nobody will use them,” he says.

20 something chat, sometimes also called "college chat" is an on-line chat community for chatters 19 - 29.

We recommend common firms like Firstrade, Scottrade, or Tradestation. Many of our members started with just $100 and moved on to trade in thousands.

The Hobsons Counselor Community enables admission counselors and school counselors to build relationships, develop deeper knowledge about secondary and postsecondary institutions, and work together to help students find best-fit options. Intersect Awareness clients will be able to create individual profiles, connect with other community members, search for institutions and individuals, and participate in discussion and networking groups.The site is currently in a private beta test with users including academics, students, and some businesses, but Oppenheimer says it already has some paying customers and should open to more users in a public test by the end of the year. So when you have a collection of algorithms, you essentially have a collection of problem-solving things,” says Oppenheimer, who previously worked on data-analysis features for the Excel team at Microsoft.Oppenheimer and cofounder Kenny Daniel, a former graduate student at USC who studied artificial intelligence, began working on the site full time late last year.We do not trade stocks and are not investment advisors, nor can we handle your investment for you.What you can do to start though, is sign up for a brokerage account that has easy access to penny stocks.All colleges and universities have a profile with key information about admissions, student life, and academic programs that they can update within Intersect.

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