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And one single I wanna put out maybe in two months, and it's called 'Love's Gone To Hell'.

We are just about to do a video — like, a beautiful video — and we're just checking it out, how we can do it, because I wanna do something really, really high quality, not cheap stuff.

Epyon played an impressive instrumental set that reminded concertgoers of classic Metallica (think “Orion”) and Death Angel.

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Její desetiletá smlouva s Polygramem skončila v roce 1995, další smlouvu podepsala s WEA (nyní Warner Music Group).

V roce 1995 Doro udělala svůj herecký debut v německém televizním programu „Verbotene Liebe“ (anglicky Forbidden Love – Zakázaná láska).

Four of the songs were from their latest record, “Now and Forever”.

Liv Jagrell interacted energetically with the crowd, actually stepping off the stage to greet fans at one point.

XD On Duff and Slash reminding Axl that he isn't a stripper: thank goodness they didn't have that foresight IRL. (Like, "[Legs] I wouldn't mind wrapping around my head and wearing like a scarf", that was amusing.) You have a really good way of introducing the characters and the setting that's already taking place in some sort of action, too. Maybe just because there's no going back once you realize that the late nights, partying, and general neglecting your health have taken their toll. And I also liked that Neil said that he still loved Alex - even through all the shit they've been through, I knew it was still true, even if they hadn't said it in a while.

Axl (including Axl himself) and that you didn't fall into the obvious trap of "everyone wants to bang Axl now! —Kira MPD, for envygreen's Moral of the Story So, I admit I was avoiding this one because I'm normally not into femdom and that's what the notes are leading me to believe this will be. I'm interested to see what direction this could go! is in no way associated with any band listed on this website. All stories contained on this site are fictional, which means that while the characters may be loosely based on the public personas of real people, the stories themselves are completely ungrounded from reality and are in no way meant to reflect the private lives, actual practices, or activities of any persons named. I'm loving the fact that everyone has a unique and individual reaction to Girl! That was a nice break from all the drama that's been going on, but I still feel like there's more coming up, even if things are starting to get better. On a serious note, I am impressed by your portrayal of how the behavior and attitude of the charterers change due to the gender switch. Or how you use the action as a device to introduce the reader. I think it kind of helps that I'm not familiar with this era's version of him at all, so beyond the picture, he was a pretty blank slate for me before reading. Just like Alex, I don't think I really forgive Charlene for what she did either, but I guess I can see that she regrets it. I liked the domesticity of this chapter, especially when Neil complimented Alex about the photo, and Alex and Justin discussed horror movies.So 'Love's Gone To Hell', that's the first new song.And we have some heavy songs in the making, some really fast songs.doro names Judas Priest and Led Zeppelin as her main influences.

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