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These shorts take place after the events of season 1, as Gideon is now starring in his own television show, filmed in prison. On December 24, 2013, the first short aired on Disney Channel Russia and on March 27, 2014, Disney XD Italy released the second short on You Tube.

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You refuse to fit into society's mold and you're 100% your own person.

At the end of every short there is a section of a page that is briefly flashed, revealing information like symbols and cryptograms.

Each of the Disney princesses has her own unique personality, and therefore her own unique relationship tendencies. You're a strong independent woman who doesn't need a S. It would take a lot to really impress you, but it would be totally worthwhile.

Pick your favorite Disney princess (we included the 11 "official" Disney franchise princesses) and we'll tell you exactly how you normally approach dating. Anyone would be lucky to have such a badass on their arm.

There is a code used in the red numbers on each page.

It can be translated by using the number in front of a right parentheses to indicate the Gravity Falls episode number and the numbers that follow it to indicate the letter number of the episode's decoded credits cryptogram. Decoded and properly combined, the message is: "I WAS SO BLIND. THE DARKNESS IS NEAR." Mabel’s Guide to Life is the second series of shorts.

we have an entire feature dedicated to celeb hotties and their take on dating.

From decoding your crush's hugs to finding out what they expect on first dates — we have it all!

“Not being able to speak would indicate that you aren’t speaking up about something in real life, you are not speaking your mind or saying something that needs to be said or perhaps you simply don’t feel like you are being heard,” said dream analyst Lauri Loewenberg.

Try to isolate this feeling and hone in on why you are feeling this way. Do you feel like your opinion has been overlooked on a group project?

Turns out they’re not just a wish your heart makes (sorry, Disney).

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