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Or does it just mean that we are wising up to the world around us and breaking into a cultural shift where the realisation that ‘dads have babies too’ is creeping in!

I read a blogpost recently about stupid things people say to dads.

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For some reason, he wanted to know if I was attracted to Asian men (my answer: when I found them attractive), and although some things would have been better left unsaid, he felt the need to tell me that he is not.

My first instinct was to ask why he would live in a country where he wasn't attracted to the people, but I'd already met his longtime partner, so I figured that hooking up with the locals wasn't a priority.

The Registered Agent on file for this company is Martin Schwartz, President Discriminating Dating and is located at 300 Mercer Street Suite 220, New York, NY 10003-6724.

The company's mailing address is 300 Mercer Street Suite 220, New York, NY 10003-6724. Smith Indeed, many of my friends come to me for relationship advice.No, I’m probably not as tactful as I should be in such conversations, struggling to listen with patience only until I can’t contain my bluntness any longer.For example, one of my best friends explained to me that he was very sick on a first date with a woman who he really wanted to impress – and then he actually threw-up in the car on the date.I certainly could relate, having once dumped a Coke on myself on a date, but I was compelled to skip the sentimental comforts, and go straight for the reality check: “Look at the bright side,” I told him, “ if she goes out with you again after seeing you blow chunks into a bag, she’s a keeper.” As it turned out, they’ve been together ever since, now married."I don't find Asian men attractive." I didn't say it.

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