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Be careful, though, as Dirty Jack – the well-known seductionist – will once again have to face many obstacles! The game consists of two modes: the interactive comic and the arcade mode.

For you, an opportunity for some easy sex with one of three smoking-hot girls! All it takes to get into her panties is a good pick-up line.

Its you who has to decide what Jack will say and do. If you want Jack to swing into action, then you also have to get through the spicy arcade mode.

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Written by Amy Sherman-Palladino Directed by Michael Zinberg Transcript by Vicarious (Beta-ed by Stephie) OPEN IN STARS HOLLOW - SIDEWALK [Lorelai is carrying a large garbage bag full of shoes and not looking where she is going.

Everyone thinks it started with Bradshaw but actually it came over on the Mayflower.

They include extremely high heels and all of Jessica Simpson's bath products.

PATTY: So, the 30th is the dark day LORELAI: [dropping her bag again] What dark day?

So if there's any audience participation, please pick on him.

LORELAI: [picking up her bag] I will even drag Luke there.

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Help him interact with famous people and have fun at an exclusive party.

The outcome of this funny and hot tale is completely up to you.

‘It’s kind of scary.’ Jack certainly knew what he was talking about — having become famous after demonstrating how he could sabotage cash machines and make them dispense large sums of money (a trick he called ‘Jackpotting’) by hacking into a bank’s computer system.

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