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Will the dating site […] Online dating services have been conceived up to make dating easier than ever.

Yet, there are more concepts for dating that are emerging to the surface.

In the middle of the Christmas season, a mysterious Santa was robbing banks with a few helpers.

Bobby tries to present a good image to the press but a determined reporter is eager to attack the FBI.

QOTSA may be a muso band -- a band for musicians and those who have listened to too much music; why else did the greatest drummer and greatest guitarist in '90s alt-rock (Grohl and Ween, respectively) anxiously join this ever-shifting collective?

-- but that’s the pleasure of the band, and Songs for the Deaf in particular: it’s restless and pummeling in its imagination and power.

On their third album, Songs for the Deaf, Queens of the Stone Age are so concerned with pleasing themselves with what they play that they don't give a damn for the audience.

This extends to the production, with the entire album framed as a broadcast from a left-of-the-dial AM radio station, the sonics compressed so every instrument is flattened.

Adopta is the french version of popular french dating site Adopte un Mec, that claim 300 millions pages views per month according to business wire.

Adopt a Guy will be in beta version for US market, 3 years after its first launch in France (2007), as a “ Supermarket of Love ”.

One of these innovative formulas is brought forward by If you have a crush for someone, you can leave a note online […] Deaf Singles Connection is an out of the common online dating service that has been created for singles with hearing disability.

It is one of the leading deaf dating sites since its creation back in 2003.

This is the radio that took very station out of the "Rock is alive and can't die". have been available at concerts since May 27, 2002.

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