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The finds consist of different ski types depending on dating, find location and usage.

Below you see a 4000 years old stone carving from northern Carelia. This gives better hold when skiing on broken ground.

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The bow find from in Finland, are both more flat in cross section than older types.

Below you have a sketch of this type of bow in unstrained condition.

Each is a product of 5 million years of genetic alteration and evolutionary development.

Each has gone through changes — artificial and natural — imposed from outside and from within — until neither resembles in the least the common ancestral creature. 10010 Design by Ben Cracknell ISBN 0-312-03560-8 First edition First printing Printed and bound in Italy It is probably reasonable to conclude that, had it not been for temperature-based environmental changes in the habitats of early hominids, we would still be secure in some warm hospitable forest, as in the Miocene of old, and we would still be in the trees. There must have been a time, long past, when animals much like apes looked up into the night sky and wondered about the stars: what those pinpoints of light were, and what they were for.

It has, in fact, all been done by mirrors: there was no seeing into the future until we could see into the past.

It is the ever-changing panorama of past time which we extrapolate into future time.With a wooden bow the ancient hunter and fighter was an effective and silent element of the nature. The ancient bow had usually an unsophisticated curving.Roughly the length of the bow should be somewhat shorter than the length of the archer.Also, you will notice that the Neanderthal skull is very different from the primate skull on the left.The Neanderthal's is larger and slightly wider than both the Pithecanthropus and the Cro-Magnon.N., candidate of geological - mineralogical sciences, senior research worker of departament "Climate, water and geoecology".2.

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