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Maximizers spend exorbitantly more time making a decision, dissecting every aspect, and weighing them against each other.

This function of effort to unsatisfactory outcome creates constant dissatisfaction in one’s decision.

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However, tradeoffs are inevitable and a maximizer tries to minimize tradeoffs as much as possible.

When it comes to applying this mindset to every decision in your life though, it becomes exhausting.

Studies show satisficers are happier than maximizers.

Maximizers make good decisions but end up feeling bad about them whereas satisficers make good decisions faster and feel good about them.

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The blog frequently strays from career advice into other topics including fitness, dating, apartment searching, and more, but Ms.It was at a time where I didn’t really know how to block her calls.I blocked her on social media.” These steps to slow down her attempts only seemed to maker her more determined for some sort of relationship.She is a marketing expert with a focus on digital and direct marketing, and an awesome professional role model.Her blog content is geared toward social media and online marketing without the clunky jargon.My parents say I have high expectations; society says I am an entitled millennial; and positive psychology says I am a maximizer.

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