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Toda essa informação irá lhe ajudar a achar a pessoa certa para conversar.

POF Free Online Dating tem milhões de usuários ao redor do mundo, e embora não seja tão direto quanto o Tinder ou Badoo, é uma melhor opção para encontrar pessoas com gostos e interesses similares.

All this info will help you find the right people to talk to.

POF Free Online Dating has tens of millions of users worldwide, and although it isn't quite as direct as Tinder or Badoo, it's a better option for finding people with similar tastes and interests.

David, on the other hand, only wants to talk about sex, which is against Patti's code of conduct.

Patti devises a plan to rid David of his dating flaws and sets him up with one of her life coach specialists, Lisa Shields.

MARTIN SAVIDGE, CNN CORRESPONDENT: It is a troubling story and it's one that's been developing through the week and it really is quite remarkable because we're talking about a religious empire that has been built over the personality of one man - that's Bishop Eddie Long -- 25,000 parishioners.

Martin Savidge is here with a closer look at why this is such a big story.

In south Florida, no arrests yet after Friday's bizarre bank robbery. Police say several men forced a teller to rob his own bank by strapping a supposed bomb on the teller. Long is denying the accusation through his attorneys and says he will face them tomorrow from the pulpit.

A plane bound for Pakistan made an emergency landing in Stockholm, Sweden, early this morning. Authorities say a tipster called to say the man was carrying explosives. All 260 people on board the plane have been evacuated, they are OK. There are new developments today in the deepening sex scandal at one of the largest churches in the U. A fourth man has filed a lawsuit accusing Bishop Eddie Long of coercing him into sex as a teenager.

Brett is a millionaire who is always on the go and, according to Patti, suffers from “dating ADD." Patti is worried that his impulse to wander is not attractive to a woman who looking for a serious relationship.

Meanwhile, David is all about image and suffers from what Patti calls NPD, "Narcissistic Personality Disorder." When Patti throws a mixer to introduce the millionaires to the ladies of her choice, she has a difficult time when Brett proves Patti’s fears correct and takes down a third girl's phone number after picking his two for the mini date (a clear example of dating ADD).

We're hoping that one-third of the love triangle will involve Damon. Kat Graham told told us, "It would be nice for her to have someone..Bonnie's not a selfish person.

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