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When most people think of us, this is what we believe they see.The inside of the mask includes who we really are—the aspects of our lives that many people don't know.

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This is the opportunity to be honest about things that most people may not know about us - past experiences that have formed us, family history, hobbies, interests, hopes, feelings and dreams.

What are your deepest loves in life that few people know about?

Apart from the decorations, food, beverages, and the guests, a party seems incomplete without playing some fun and exciting games.

Now since the theme of the party has to be taken into consideration, the choices can seem limited. Inspired by the popular game show from the late 60s, The Newlywed Game, many couples host such games at various occasions.

Hitting On Women 101 A man who claims to be inept around women successfully hits on them by telling them why he doesn't find them attractive in this very funny ten minute play with parts for two women and one man.

Out Of His Mind This play takes place within the fevered imagination of a man in a romantic crisis as he chooses between marriage or retreating into a fantasy relationship with a wish fulfillment bimbo.

View other students with more compassion in regards to the masks they wear Paper plates (Styrofoam will not work) and markers; magazines, scissors, glue (optional) Teacher will remind students of the drama "Masks", presented on the REAP retreat.

The outside of the paper plate represents the side that people see—including how we want people to view us (our "reputation") and how people label us.

Ice Breaker Questions Having the right conversation is very important when you are planning to have a nice evening.

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