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Sleeping up to 5 people Alder cottage whilst keeping its traditional exterior has been beautifully restored to the highest specifications.

If you want to chill out and relax this is the place for you.

It gives details of dating agencies and sexual health clinics and tells over-60s: 'It's never too late to experiment.' A total of 20,000 copies are being sent out to older people in Medway, Kent, at a cost of £13,700.

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Dating wmj ru bu 1

Author: Anicius Manlius Torquatus Severinus Boethius (Rome, 480 – 524/525, Pavia) || Translator: Sometimes attributed to Alfred the Great (849, Wantage, Wessex [now in Oxfordshire] - 26 October 899, Winchester) || Editor: Walter John Sedgefield (Melbourne, Australia, 1866 – 30 April 1945, Alton, Hampshire, England) || Publication Data: Oxford, 1899 || Note: This volume was Sedgefield's presentation-copy.

Michael's College in the University of Toronto.

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NHS chiefs are under fire for spending thousands of pounds on a controversial new leaflet encouraging pensioners to boost their sex lives with the help of dating agencies and Vl AGRA.


The 60-page pamphlet has been attacked as an 'obscene' waste of healthcare funds.These resources include Amy Hall and Sue Knepp, whose patient word processing—always done with competence and cheerfulness—contributed more than words can say.King Alfred’s Old English Version of Boethius: De consolatione philosophiae. 'In a time when people are watching every penny it's a wholly inadequate use of healthcare funds.' But others said sex among the elderly was an important subject.Toni Lancaster, of Age Concern Gillingham, said: 'We live in an ageing society where people live longer and healthier lives and more and more people continue to be sexually active at an older age.Instead, it has turned into an opportunity to be reminded in a fresh way of the perfection of God’s eternal purposes.

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