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[cmdletbinding()] param( $Computer Name=$env: COMPUTERNAME, [parameter(Mandatory=$true)] $Process Name ) $Processes = Get-Wmi Object -Class Win32_Process -Computer Name $Computer Name -Filter "name='$Process Name'" foreach ($process in $processes) [cmdletbinding()] param( $Computer Name=$env: COMPUTERNAME, [parameter(Mandatory=$true)] $Process Name ) $Processes = Get-Wmi Object -Class Win32_Process -Computer Name $Computer Name -Filter "name='$Process Name'" foreach ($process in $processes) Though Power Shell has a built-in cmdlet (Get-Process) to retrieve process information, in all of the above examples I have used a WMI query to get process information from the Win32_Process class.

The reason I did so is because Get-Process will not provide the owner, process path, and other values.

For v2 tasks, "NT AUTHORITY\LOCALSERVICE" and "NT AUTHORITY\NETWORKSERVICE" are also available as well as the well known SIDs for all three. The outer quotes for CMD need to be double quotes; the inner quotes can be single quotes or escaped double quotes: Displays task definitions in XML format.

Spaces in file paths can be used by using two sets of quotes, one set for CMD. If xml_type is ONE then the output will be one valid XML file.

Today I am releasing two significant updates: I don’t know of anywhere else you can find a report like this. It turns out that when you run Get-ADOrganizational Unit the results are not guaranteed to be in any order.

In our mind we’re thinking the list will look like the OU tree from Active Directory Users and Computers (ADUC). And there are no cmdlet parameters to create such an ordered output. ^ - » mhm '» h* ' " *P«I*»W(PWW»H* n**ff M(i«H*tfi MW*««rt«w*M»Mni Pi PWHr^^ •"•»pimi Ki»»i»»i«"w«»"***«K»»i 4*. '■ m mmmm TRANSCRIPT PROFILE wmum Mnni Miwaa M MISSION imw^ i '■ nm f GMT START t DP; HH; MMl Ofr **i C. I I L II ifcu.-Hl M IIIIII GMT START (DP; HHs MM) DAT E MO ^■■■•Pl Pplp L MET TIME DD: HH: MM DA . mmm mmmmmmmmmmmmm «n PMPMMIH«ni M«MWIMW mmmmmtmmmmmmm Mm ■ I,... ;£& CQ^tr X MT ig ± hfc g J ^ iurc ^o Q ft W«i'« Op W L flrore^ Sb EO^ lui IL ftforf farlxjr mm mmmmmm mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmimm m Bmmmmmmmmimimtmimmmmmammmmmmmwmmmmn mm mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm mmommmmmmmmmmmimmm ~\-imm I ACRdoc : TRANSCR mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmimmmmmmmmmmm mmmmmm 3o* t TRANSCRIPT PROF I LE MISSION ^Tffr^i S* GMT START (DD: HH; MM) DATE MET TIME DD; HH: MM tetfil W MET START (DD: HH: MM) ffl OUT, gp LOCAL START i GENERAL ACTIVITY IX^U (g&PM 1 3D CASSETTE I HKMt'MIIMa MP "IP*lf»"»«"f #ip K^ NOTES «n«PM«p Ql! Govt TRANSCRIPT PROFILE mmmmm^mmmmmm0mm MISSION ■M^ GMT START TDD : HH : MM) DATE HOo DA n.*— YR ^5* XK %b MET START (DD: HH: MM) ^ • 1 6-. VITY 9-mmmmtm mfmmramimmmmtimiimmmmmmmmmm ACRdoc : TRANSCR «■ - I I I "in «» f ■ I | m nwi TWTWP1T"»»^y»w— ^P^f PWWPPWj mmmmmmmm^m^mmfmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmfl^^f'^ffl wmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm o QVt TRANSCRIPT PROFILE wmmtmmiimm tmmtmm^mmimmammm HO DA MET TIME DD: HH: MM YR 32, MET START (DD: HH: MM) ' General / LOCAL START ■•ni MMMWl MMnw _JU ACTIVITY (? **"W»WIIIP a lit e/xtz mm SSmmmmmmmmmimmmmmmmmmmm *$M*&& * I I|l » l— — »^ll . I would like to thank Ed and Teresa Wilson, the Microsoft Scripting Guy and the Scripting Wife, for bestowing upon me the title of Honorary Scripting Guy. It has been a joy to share my scripting passion with the community, and I will continue to do so. In a previous post I created a report of all organizational units (OUs) and sites with their linked group policy objects (GPOs).This means we’ll have to create our own recursive routine to crawl the OU tree, carefully listing child OUs under the correct parent OUs.

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