Dating without embarrassment

Depending on the city you live in, there may be entire worlds waiting for you and your significant other to explore.

Always stay up to date on the free events that are happening in or around your city.

Think about being able to walk right up to the prettiest woman in a nightclub, classroom or even in the street and engage her in a cool, flirtatious conversation...

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Whether you are in a long-term relationship or are just getting started with someone new, dating can unfortunately take a large toll on your wallet.

A Good Rap is Crucial The most important skill any man can possess is the ability to know when and how to approach a woman with romantic intent -- and to do so in a very classy way.

Humans court with conversation -- both verbal and non-verbal -- so you must have an effective rap in order to capture the romantic interest of women, or you are dead, dead... But you can\'t develop any real skill in this area if your fear of being rejected blocks your ability to interact with women socially...

No matter either of your tastes in music or the size of the city you live in, there are always local venues looking to gain more support that can benefit just from your willingness to be there.

Museums Although a museum might not be your first choice, they can actually be a fun bonding experience.

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