Dating winchester 9422

The second half of the 19th century, before the Civil War, up to the turn of the century is commonly referred to as the “Golden Age” of firearms engraving in the United States.During this Golden Age, nearly all of the major arms manufacturers offered some type of engraving or embellishment on their firearms.Wood is excellent but some varnish finish flaked off the forend and buttstock. It would appear that someone at some time tried to cold blue the metal - now it is a ...

barrels 28“choked Mod/ Full and the .410 barrels, 28“ choked IC/Mod.

Click for more info THIS IS AN UNUSUAL MODEL 21, WHILE IT APPEARS TO BE A SKEET GRADE, IT IS NOT MARKED, BUT HAS ALL THE FEATURES, 26" BARRELS WITH SOLID RIB AND "WS-2 CHOKES IN BOTH BARRELS? Click for more info Winchester model 42 skeet, with 26" solid rib barrel and chambers 3" shells. Click for more info Winchester M23 XTR Pigeon Grade 20ga 28" bbl, great condition, used, vent rib, hardly shot, weighs 7#'s, mod and full fixed chokes, few marks on gun, LOP 14", original butt plate. Click for more info For your viewing is a early 1950's Winchester model 12 in the rare 26" IC choke configuration. WINCHESTER MODEL 1200 PUMP, PLAIN SINGLE BEAD BARREL WITH SCREW IN IMPROVED MIRROR BORE BARREL, ... Click for more info Winchester 25 12 Gauge shotgun.

Marked on top of the receiver: ' Presented to W. Click for more info Winchester 1897 12 Gauge shotgun. Click for more info This is a 16 gauge take-down model 97, made in October, 1905.

Trench gun made for civilian or governmental plant or security use. There are large numbers stenciled on the right side of the buttsto ... It has a 26 inch matted-rib barrel choked improved modified (it does show the word FULL on the barrel just in front of the receiver), and ... Nice Model 97 with a good amount of blue on the metal.

within the General Firearm Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; My wifes Sig Sauer Mosquito.

Gun is beautifully engraved with typical scene of 3 gentlemen and a dog shooting live pigeons over a trap ground. Click for more info An excellent condition Winchester 20 Inch 12 Ga Riot Gun. Click for more info This a nice old Model 97 circa 1953 with a 30 inch full choke barrel that has an excellent bore and chamber.

This updated and expanded 4th edition provides both the beginner and advanced collector with new resources and valuable information for all Pre-1964 Winchesters.

Embellishment of firearms dates back to the earliest arms.

Gun has been re-blued and has very light pitting, but looks very nice. Shotgun is in excellent original condition with only two imperfections, small scratch on ... Click for more info This is a used but very clean Winchester Model 25 pump action shotgun chambered in 12 gauge.

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