Dating violence images

Now you can print our incredibly popular educational cards!Did you know that one in three adolescents experience some form of dating abuse before the age of 18?When you think of dating violence, the images that pop into your head are probably not images of 11 or 12 year olds. * Girls age 16-24 are at the highest risk of experiencing violence at rates TRIPLE the national average.

Dating violence images

Please sign and share our petition to Please sign our petition to stop teen dating violence to let your elected representatives know that you believe in educating students about teen dating violence and want them to focus on efforts to #stop TDV! Play and share these award-winning video games produced by Jennifer Ann's Group.

We believe that these games are the best way to increase awareness and provide educational information about teen dating violence!

In the study presented here, a content analysis of the popular four-book Twilight series provided evidence of behaviors and attitudes that are conducive to dating violence.

Cases of physical and sexual abuse, stalking, threats, and intimidation were identified in the text.

February is Teen Dating Violence Prevention and Awareness Month!

Link here to the National Teen DV awareness web site.

As the age students begin to date lowers, so does the age at which violence begins.

* Meanwhile, 81% of parents believe dating violence isn’t an issue for teenagers.

These printable resources, Power and Control Wheel, and video games all provide helpful about teen dating violence, it is critical that there are laws in place which provide teens with better protection from abusers as well as requiring schools to teach young people about teen dating violence.

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