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Indeed, for many of us, playing cards are a reference point for the evolving phases of our lives.

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It’s no wonder that Coke memorabilia can be found in interesting and valuable collections the world over as well.

If you want to collect affordably, Coke memorabilia offers literally thousands of ways to do so.

Combinations with fewer numbers have no meaning for collectors.

The same codes were used by National Playing Card Co.

Queens began appearing in tarot decks in the early 15th century and some German decks replaced two kings with queens.

While other decks abandoned the queen in non-tarot decks, the French kept them and dropped the knight as the middle face card.

There are many, many collectibles worth hundreds of dollars each and others bring in prices well into the thousands at auction.

Some of those are illustrated with the first "face" of Coca-Cola, the beautiful Hilda Clark.

On Saturday, May 6 Potter & Potter Auctions offers bidders the opportunity to take their interest in playing cards to a whole new level when they stage Day 1 of their Gambling Memorabilia sale.

Over half the 634 lots on offer will be playing cards, a dazzling array of vintage pieces at price points to suit collectors at all levels, from high rollers to beginners. It's no secret that playing cards can be works of great beauty - especially back in the days when they were hand painted.

Another reason for their expansion was the simplicity of the suit insignia which simplifies mass production and the popularity of whist, contract bridge, and the recent poker boom.

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