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On the inside movement cover is the engraving: "1775 / G. According to the Society, "Johnson was a member of the Continental Congress, first Governor of Maryland, and Brigadier-General of the Maryland militia.

Early in 1777 he led his men from Maryland to join Washington in New Jersey." The watch is unmarked except for the back of the dial, which says "H M / 522," although it has not been determined who that was.

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Now, thanks to those lake sediments, scientists can narrow that range down to just 10 years or less -- but only if the sample is between 11,000 and 53,000 years old.

Younger and there hasn't been enough breakdown in the radioactive carbon.

However, one of the most familiar of these timelines, known as radiocarbon dating, just got a lot more precise.

According to a paper published in the journal Science, measurements from the bottom of Japan’s Lake Suigetsu have allowed scientists to improve the technique dramatically.

This created more of a thud, but the wearer could then feel the repeater in their pocket in order to tell the time and it wouldn't chime so loudly.

I imagine this was rather convenient and a more discreet way of telling the time in the days long before one could try to take a discreet look at a wristwatch.

For the first time in its history, Bremont will auction one of the special U.

S military collaboration watches, the F-15 “Eagle Driver”, to raise money for the Red River Valley Fighter Pilots Association.

Some loved watches and others simply wore them out of necessity.

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