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Josiah Spode founded his Spode pottery around 1770 at Stroke-on-Trent in Staffordshire.

Even before Spode arrived, this area was well known as “The Potteries,” one of Britain’s most important districts for the production of porcelain.

Stoke-on-Trent each year at the Spode factory to develop new patterns for his market. each year including star-shaped hors d'oeuvre dishes, star vase, candlesticks, ...

It's that time of year again Christmas Tree to swot up on this ...

This blue-and-white china remained one of Spode’s most distinctive products for decades to come, though Spode also produced a variety of unglazed lines, including basalts, redwares, and canewares.

When Josiah Spode passed away, his son, Josiah Spode II, took over the business in 1797.

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Archive items are not for sale and to buy china please visit our Home Page or click on Buy Similar Now. Maker: Spode Pattern: Tower Creamer or Jug Made in England.Plate from a service made for the East India Company c.1825, with their coat of arms.The Spode Museum has many armorial items including pieces made for George IV, Goldsmiths Company, Charles Dickens, Edward VII and the Titanic.Josiah Spode founded his Spode pottery around 1770 at Stroke-on-Trent in ...Before 1805, these pieces featured a “Spode Stone China” mark alongside a fake .... Nick on plates, reindeer on glassware and Spode trees on ...Spode II continued the research his father had begun into bone-ash porcelain.

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