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Sh*t." Of course it's not a new concept – what our mothers called "retaining an air of mystery" my clued-up female friends call "playing the game".

But why – in the age post Sex and the City, that barometer of dating acceptability – are amorous men 'legends' and women 'sluts'?

Usually, it’s easier to convince girls to meet in a public place, like a coffee shop or bar. So clearly, skipping the first date, and getting straight to sex, is ideal. If you’re serious about dating online, you’ve got to send out mass messages. It’s the most time-efficient way for sending out mass messages. I usually look at their pictures, then either send a message or skip to the next profile.

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While I wish it wasn't the case, men remember more the women that they don't sleep with more than the women that they do." So while we might get asked to dinner again, it will only be for one thing.

Refuse to give it up however, and your stock rises.

Mine comes across as happy, mildly arrogant, and sightly sexual.

Your profile should be well-written, funny, and slightly cocky. If she likes your pictures, she’ll be reading the whole thing.

Having girls online come straight to your house for sex IS possible. But overall, it’s some of the easiest sex you’ll get. Experiment with one site at a time, or use all three at once.

I’ve found OKCupid to be the most fruitful hunting ground for same-day-lays. You’re unlikely to get a girl to come straight over, those Match girls are provider hunting.

Going through his phone, we discovered that 100 of his 200 followees were indeed Instasluts: gym selfies, car selfies, mirror in the mirror of a mirror selfies – how many reflective surfaces can these girls find?

Please keep in mind that his wife is gorgeous and works very hard on retaining the same physique she had in high school when they met, after having two children.

All the sizzle in the world is meaningless without the steak to go with it.

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