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Na aanmelding wordt je een vragenlijst voorgeschoteld met 32 vragen die inhaken op alle belangrijke aspecten in een relatie.

Dit is een persoonlijkheidstest wat de basis is voor het op wetenschap gebaseerde persoonlijkheidsprofiel.

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bertrand hubert r, Jun 12, 2013 @ of course, there is the non-dating website called GLOCALS.

very safe, and most women will allow whatever you propose because, after all, it's glocals and NOT a dating site. of course, there is the non-dating website called GLOCALS.

The compatibility test is completed using a team of international specialist pyschologists and through customer feedback and scientific reports this is updated constantly.

This site is definately not the one for you if you are just looking for a bit of fun or flirting.

PARSHIP REVIEWS is a dating site seems to be targeted at professional people 30 years plus who have no time to find a long term relationship through traditional methods..

They also have a sister website called gay-parship which has proven to be just as successful and shows how progressive a site they are.

Their information shows that this is a higher class, very professional kind of dating site, and the simple but effective layout and design reflects this.

They have included snippets from newspapers that sponser them including the Independant and The Times and the first page is a general write up of what you can expect from the site.

Be aware that psycos (of both sexes) are pullulating these kind of website so be careful..

and then you have fun ;-) I've always used badoo but I can't say if it's better or not.

Het is niet moeilijk om te begrijpen hoe de Parship datingsite werkt.

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