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One of the most important sites is Pennsbury Manor (36Bu19), home of Governor William Penn.

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They include sites dating from the Paleoindian period (16,000-10,000 years ago) through the 20th century.

The region has been occupied by Europeans since the 17th century and contains many historic archaeological sites.

This week we travel to Bucks County in the Middle Delaware drainage basin.

The county is situated in the Piedmont physiographic zone, Gettysburg-Newark Lowlands section. The largest streams are the Neshaminy and Tohikon creeks.

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The Library of the Mercer Museum and Bucks County Historical Society is the depository for many Bucks County government records dating from 1683.

Charles Moon, a member of the Commission and a direct descendant of Penn’s caretaker, was instrumental in facilitating the excavations.

It was the hope of the Commission that they could create a popular historical attraction similar to those being built in Virginia at Mt. Funding obtained through New Deal federal relief programs provided resources necessary for the archaeology to be conducted at this important historic site.

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