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Everyone deserves someone so whatever works, I suppose.Social Events Family social activities are planned for participants outside of the Wednesday night sessions.

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Of course, I would ask some standard questions and if there was a “no” in any of them, the date was over. Do you know anyone around here who has a dating resume?

He made the resume because a girl asked him if he had one and he said no.

Two issues are presented: (1) does employment action against cohabiting or dating employees violate RCW which prohibits marital status employment discrimination; and, if so, (2) does “business necessity” justify the discrimination in this case. We presume legislative consistency when called upon to construe statutory enactments or new amendments to old ones. Roth, 78 Wash.2d 711, 715, 479 P.2d 55 1971)); Mc Fadden, 26 Wash. Eller, 130 Wash.2d 58, 87, 922 P.2d 788 (1996) (citing Holland v.

We conclude cohabiting or dating relationships are not aspects of “marital status” as these terms are used in the statute and, thus, find the presence or absence of “business necessity” superfluous. Facts Ace employed Waggoner and Cyr in its Yakima distribution center. Cohabitation remained a crime until three years after the Legislature's inclusion of marital status as a protected class. Boeing Co., 90 Wash.2d 384, 389, 583 P.2d 621 (1978)); Washington Water Power Co. Washington State Human Rights Comm'n, 91 Wash.2d 62, 68-69, 586 P.2d 1149 (1978).

In fiscal year 2015, Amtrak served 30.8 million passengers and had $2.185 billion in revenue, From 1920 into the later 20th century, passenger rail's popularity diminished and there was a series of pullbacks and tentative recoveries.

Rail passenger revenues declined dramatically between 19 because of the rise of the automobile.

of Justice estimates that between 14,500 and 17,500 people are trafficked into the country each year.

The report also notes that trafficking has occurred in 18 Washington state counties.

In the same period, many travelers were lost to interstate bus companies such as Greyhound Lines.

However, in the mid-1930s, railroads reignited popular imagination with service improvements and new, diesel-powered streamliners, such as the gleaming silver Pioneer Zephyr and Flying Yankee.

Trick, Yakima, David Putney, Las Vegas, NV, for Respondent. Second, the Legislature expressly defined “marital status” in the 1993 amendments and that definition excluded social relationships. 510, § 4 (Marital status is “the legal status of being married, single, separated, divorced, or widowed”). Benton Franklin Title Co., 131 Wash.2d 171, 181, 930 P.2d 307 (1997), recognized the 1993 amendment was inconsistent with our previous definition of marital status, which included the identity of one's spouse. Precedent suggests where a former statute is amended, such amendment is strong evidence of legislative intent of the first statute. Singer, Sutherland Statutory Construction § 49.11, at 83 (5th ed.1992); Cowiche Growers, Inc. Bates, 10 Wash.2d 585, 604, 117 P.2d 624 (1941); Groves v. As the Legislature has now defined marital status as “the legal status of being married, single, separated, divorced or widowed,” RCW (7), by the plain meaning of the definition the Legislature has limited protected status exclusively to that which is included within the definition, i.e., the status of being single, married, separated, divorced, or widowed.

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