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A stylish «devoushka» may reach out to her handbag with the intention to contribute to the bill, but this is only for show. Feminism is nice and decent, but it's usually left back at home, whenever «devouski» go to the supermarket.

If there's two bags, a small and a large one, lying in front of you at the cash desk, then you totally should take both.

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And if so, then do not lose your chance and take me. more about Yaroslava from Krasnui Lych I‘m a fun loving woman with a positive attitude and a passion for making life an adventure.

I am open for everything new and I think you need to take everything from life and never look back.... If you read my profile and looking at my photos, it already means that you have paid attention to me.

Any other form of adress is not only going to confuse her, but rather even offend her. It's easy — your female companion is always expecting you to pay for dinner and drinks. Even, if you've ordered only one cup of tea and she chose five main courses with a dessert.

It is common in New York or Paris to split the bill, however in Moscow ladies see this as an act of tight-fistedness.

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