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Unfortunately for him, the online dating service told us that they’ve deleted Valle’s alleged profile, even though frankly he can’t be any worse than the other dudes you might find on The Post believed the profile was legitimate, and its evidence is pretty convincing.

Please be aware that an individual creating multiple accounts is strictly forbidden by our terms of service.

Accounts we suspect to be duplicates will be suspended, and may also result in test speed penalties or a permanent ban from photo testing with facial recognition enforcement. Because we take the integrity of our vote data very seriously and do not allow an individual to vote multiple times on the same test.

Then double click on the file, which must be a jpg or gif format and no larger than 500k. Your browser must have cookies enabled in order for you to use the site. The contacted person then replies you back either accepting or declining your invitation.

On the My Profile page, there is a "View My Profile" link. If you lose your password, click on the forgot password link on the login screen. Use the browse button to locate the picture file on your local computer. On a small number of computers, the problem is actually with the browser. Clearing the browser cache can also be helpful, as well as rebooting the computer. Errors will also occur if the server temporarily disconnects, but this does not happen often. A message will appear in the other user's mailbox only.

Does your OKCupid photo look attractive or is something about it actually putting off potential dates?

Getting unbiased feedback from strangers is the only way to know for sure.

However, if you have seen a statement to support your comment, please provide a link to it so we can all read it.

officer dubbed “Cannibal Cop” for allegedly planning to kidnap, kill, and eat women — is hungry for love on

So that the time you spent crafting your profile and the connections you made aren’t lost forever, we recommend suspending your account instead.

That way, you’re free to come back and slip straight into your dating journey should you change your mind.

This will put the selected profile in your favourites file which you can access any time through the My Profile page.

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