Dating pool shrinks younger women

Near the end of the evening, a statistic came up about marriage.

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Last night I went to book group, and the book we discussed was All The Single Ladies by Rebecca Traister.

I hadn’t had a chance to read it, but thankfully, the organizer sent out 3 links with discussions about the book — from the New York Times, NPR and Jezebel.

Some people opine that men are less attracted to a woman who is on an equal or higher level when it comes to matters of the pocketbook or education, and that a successful woman should dumb herself down to get a man.

My time in the world of dating and relationships, both personally (as a former serial dater) and professionally (as a columnist, host and now a dating coach), has taught me that these conclusions, for the most part, are fallacies, the aforementioned girl-power refrain a line women repeat when they don't want to tell each other or themselves to look inward or at their dating behaviors or their choices in men.

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Do men think women over 40 are no longer potential spouse material because they may not be able to conceive? [Some men] say they liked my profile, but they are looking for someone younger because they are hoping to still have a family…

Shouldn’t one be looking for a spouse based on their values and character?

The articles were excellent and gave me enough information that I was able to really enjoy the discussion. ) The book talks about the fact that women are marrying less often these days, and that they’re getting married older. The author details problems and benefits that have come up because of this major cultural shift, and gets into details on how the shift has affected women of color differently than white women.

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