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Online dating and the illusion of unlimited choice is an information problem.

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The choice overload hypothesis is defined as “although the provision of extensive choices may sometimes still be seen as initially desirable, it may also prove unexpectedly demoralizing in the end.” Hu (2014) summarizes one of the studies: It may seem liberating to live in a land of infinite choices, but research in decision-making suggests otherwise.

In a classic study, Stanford researchers set up shop at an upscale grocery store chosen for its “extraordinary selection” of items, including 300 types of jam.

in Turkish, is an archaeological site atop a mountain ridge in the Southeastern Anatolia Region of modern-day Turkey, approximately 12 km (7 mi) northeast of the city of Şanlıurfa.

The tell has a height of 15 m (49 ft) and is about 300 m (980 ft) in diameter.

In the second phase, Pre-Pottery Neolithic B (PPNB), the erected pillars are smaller and stood in rectangular rooms, also with floors of polished lime. It was excavated by a German archaeological team under the direction of Klaus Schmidt from 1996 until his death in 2014.

Schmidt believed that the sites were early neolithic sanctuaries used as a holy site and not used as a settlement.

But, what I particularly like is it asks you a bunch of questions that actually make sense—Are you a Morning person? OKC also filters a percentage attraction between two people; for instance, you are 50% compatible, based on your profile information and preferences.

Not as mobile-friendly as a Tinder or a Hinge; but that doesn't really matter if it's solving the purpose. I filled out a complete profile and then, it rained likes, messages and chats.

It is approximately 760 m (2,490 ft) above sea level.

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