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Too much charring and you’re carbonizing bread, not toasting it.

That’s all well and good, but when, precisely, does bread become toast?

The Maillard reaction is also responsible for the deep flavors of browned barley in beer, roasted coffee, seared meats, and French fries.

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“Across the museum, familiar favorites and never-before-seen objects promise to provoke new discussions Object Lessons: Art & Its Histories Spanning the history of Western art from antiquity to the mid-20th century, the first iteration of embodies our belief in the power of close looking and demonstrates the museum’s deep commitment to academic engagement and teaching through objects.

The exhibition is organized around the curriculum of , a two-part survey course led by professors Bissera Pentcheva and Alexander Nemerov, who will convene weekly sections in the museum’s galleries.

Alison Gass, the Cantor’s Chief Curator and Associate Director for Exhibitions and Collections, said that the museum’s interdisciplinary approach will be on full view this fall in .

“Steeped in the awareness that all art objects were once contemporary and reflect the context of their creation, these presentations are dedicated to the examination of artworks as revelatory primary sources,” Gass explained.

MAIN IDEA: Homosexuality is one of the sexual sins listed in the bible.

We should respond with truth (in love) to others concerning this sin.Less clear: when, exactly, does the transformation take place? The browning process we call toasting is an example of the Maillard reaction, in which amino acids and sugars interact to produce the characteristic brown color, texture, and flavor we know as toast.When heat encounters amino acids (many are present in wheat and flour) and sugars, the two rearrange and produce brown polymers (called melanoidins).A Medieval Medley: Celebrating 25 Years of Les Enluminures, New York, until 10 September To mark the 25th anniversary of manuscripts expert Sandra Hindman’s opening of Les Enluminures in Paris, her New York gallery is holding an exhibition of books of hours, manuscripts, rings and works of art.At nearly 13 metres long, this parchment manuscript in Latin traces the line of descent of England’s kings from Adam to Edward of Westminster, Henry VI’s only son.Indian Dreaming: the Invention of a Tradition, Artcurial, Paris, until 28 August Artcurial stages its summer luxury goods auctions in Monaco, leaving its Paris premises to host selling exhibitions.

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