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It's a time when people tend to search for love just a little harder because it's a time to be around someone you care about. reality these days is one of the largest challenges singles face. Update your pictures every 1-3 months so there are no surprises on date one.

Dear "Potential Match Maker": You're exactly who we're looking for!

It is also a resource that advertises national single adult conferences, events, missions and vacations.

Description-To connect Christian singles nationwide through penpals and telephone.

Let me preface by saying that I have nothing against Western women… Over the next couple of weeks I will reveal little known secrets to you from a variety of disciplines from evolutionary psychology and human biology to cultural anthropology, history, and philosophy.

But the quality you can get overseas is just better! I’m a really great guy, not bad looking with a decent job, but still my options in the USA are not great. What I am are going to reveal to you is as timeless as the rising sun, as current as an atomic clock, and as surprising as tomorrow’s headlines.

Each month we have a new dating advice, relationship advice or dating tips article.

We also answer frequently asked questions related to that month's topic.

Let’s say you are a 48 year old guy with a decent job and you live in Los Angeles California – what would you say your chances are of getting a date with a girl like Yana, a twenty-two year old Ukrainian Megan Fox Lookalike?

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