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I'm a newbie on this forum but i read a lot of The Red Pill websites but i didn't get any answer to one of the most important question: How can we calculate our sexual market value?

I searched a formula like "0 looks, @ money and status, 0 personality" but i didn't find anything like this.

It's just a general theory now with the details and tenets being worked out in my head as I hike and ride, but some day it will be my "General Theory of Employment, Interest and Money" but it won't suck and will be understandable by the masses.

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In my humble opinion it will revolutionize economics.

I tire as different economists and philosophers argue the differences between "Keynesian" and "Austrian" and "neoclassical" and "classical" economics, because they're 1. usually are quite often wrong because they are more concerned about supporting one particular line of economic thought instead of ackowledging the empirical real world.

Of course, there’s not much room left for decline – she’s at a measly 3% by then. This might be understandable if it represented the singular preference of one pedo male at one point in time, but makes little sense as an absolute portrayal of sexual market value.

At 37, for example, she is likely to receive very different ratings from men aged 17 and 57.

Anyhoo, with this new theory prompted me to conduct an informal and unscientific study.

It won't seem any different than any previous sociological study I've done, but it does have its origins in my new theory - specifically why can't those girls find a man.

It’s easy to see why this appeals to the 30-something guy who feels like a mating failure.

The female’s sexual attractiveness peaks at the ripe old age of 16.5, and by 20, her sexual market value is plummeting.

If you're a blonde, attractive, curvaceous female, that's exactly how you should describe yourself in your ad.

The same applies if you're a handsome, athletic, millionaire male.

A reader shared this bit of male wishful thinking about female sexual market value.

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