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Don’t take any belittling personally, because sometimes those you call friends, simply don’t have your best interests at heart; these aren’t true friends.

When a significant other comes into the picture and they’re still not happy for you, sometimes you just need to let go and focus on those who are actually rejoicing with you. Bad Advice If you wish to get good advice on your relationship, develop a team of trusted mentors and friends who you trust to have your best interests at heart.

We can’t stand our reflection, so we don’t understand how you could love our bodies as much as you say you do. We know how unattractive jealousy is, which is why we try to hold ourselves back from showing you how bad our jealousy really is.

In a study of dating jealousy, questionnaires were administered to 147 male and 189 female college students.

Subjects were asked to rate how they would feel about their dating partner's behavior in five hypothetical situations designed to measure jealousy.

Jealousy isn’t just a human emotion—it’s often seen in nature, too.

In a famous experiment, evolutionary biologist David Barash once tested to see if bluebirds ever turned green (figuratively speaking).

However, on other days, we’ll get jealous over the way you smiled at the cute cashier that rung up our groceries. If you casually mention how much you love brunettes, we’re going to get defensive whenever a woman with brown hair passes by.

If we’re not brunette, then we’re going to have unreasonable questions about whether you hate our hair and wished we would change it. If we go down on you and your eyes are closed, or if you won’t make eye contact during sex, we’ll wonder if you’re fantasizing about another girl.

Though friends may offer helpful tips for your love life, they’re not always right.

Sometimes, your single friends simply don’t have the best advice and encouragement you need when you’re actually in a relationship.

It can be even worse if your crush starts dating your enemy. If your crush is dating your enemy, you can learn how to avoid any jealousy so you can stay away from negative feelings.

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