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For many, it wasn’t rare for soldiers going into combat to improvise their own form of ensuring their remains could be identified.

From pinning slips of paper with names and home addresses to the backs of their coats, stencilling identification on their knapsacks or scratching it in the soft lead backing of their Army belt buckle.

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"Dog tags" is an informal but common term for the identification tags worn by military personnel.

The tags are primarily used for the identification of dead and wounded soldiers; they have personal information about the soldiers and convey essential basic medical information, such as blood type and history of inoculations.

Even advertised mail-ordered “Soldier’s Pins” made of silver and gold, which would be inscribed with a soldier’s name and unit designation.

Additionally, private vendors offered ornate identification disks for sale to troops prior to battles.

When the Grim Reaper claims another victim in the relative tranquility of the civilian world, after the body is whisked away to the morgue it is marked for identification with a simple token: a paper tag attached to a toe of the deceased.

In the more turbulent world of the military, however, a hardier ID token is necessary.

They commonly contain two copies of the information, either in the form of a single tag that can be broken in half or two identical tags on the same chain.

This duplication allows one tag (or half-tag) to be collected from a soldier's body for notification and the second to remain with the corpse when battle conditions prevent it from being immediately recovered.

an aluminum Identification Tag, the size of a silver Half Dollar, stamped with the name, rank, company, regiment, or corps of the wearer; it will be worn by each Officer and Enlisted Man of the Army whenever the field kit is worn; it will be suspended from the neck, underneath the clothing by means of a cord or thong passed through a small hole in the Tag; it is further described as being part of the uniform…” This Identification Tag will be issued by the Quartermaster Corps, gratuitously to Enlisted Men ant at the cost price to the Officers.

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