Dating communication games

Where do you think the other four meet their partners? Engaging in interesting, memorable small talk is a daunting task for most people. Lets look at different levels of conversations and when each level is appropriate. They can establish rapport, spark interest, and curiosity, break new ground and communicate sincerity. One in five people meet their partner through online dating.

Texting is becoming more and more prominent in our daily communication with one another.

Online dating begins with a smile or hello and then eventually email addresses and/or PIN numbers are exchanged as the communication evolves.

Keep the conversation light in tone and try to avoid sarcasm and dry humour as it can often be misinterpreted, even if you add the ‘lol’ or smiley face on the end!

“Sexting” is a new common term in the world of cyber communication.

Tinder took a big, clumsy swing at the dating industry three years ago and won, luring millions of new users into the world of online dating. They offer people what Tinder, the “hookup app,” can’t seem to deliver: relationships.

Then, agile, enterprising competitors came in to pick up the pieces.

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Users will also have to exchange numbers before their conversation disappears after 14 days of matching and subsequently beginning communication.

Hinge joins Bumble and JSwipe in putting users on a 24 hour deadline to communicate.

Mobile dating apps like Bumble, JSwipe, and Hinge seek to attract users who are serious about dating by targeting people based on their identities, preferences or networks.

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