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Of course, sometimes you may be going overboard with your paranoia, especially if you’re rather clingy and insecure to begin with.[Read: 13 clingy girlfriend signs that’ll ruin your relationship] But what if, by some miniscule margin, your instincts do turn out to be right eventually? I've got my reasons for my stupidity: low self-esteem, a constant fear of getting my heart stomped, selfishness, you get the picture.

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Every relationship that suffers infidelity has also suffered denial.

It begins with someone's needs not being met, and that deficiency not being addressed.

You don’t know how, but you feel it in your gut, and something tells you that your partner is cheating on you.

You try confronting your partner about it, but they swat your concerns away and tell you that you’re just being paranoid. Are you convinced that your spouse is cheating on you, even though you can’t find any proof of it?

Or secondly, you sneak around discreetly and try to get some proof of your partner’s philandering ways *if any*.

If you feel insecure in a relationship, always talk to your partner and tell them what you feel.The fact that you doubt your partner is a sign that things aren’t all rosy in romance land.And just suppressing your doubts and fears, and pretending like everything’s perfectly normal won’t help you at all.To do so, you will need to know what the law requires, what evidence to look for and retain, and how to present that evidence in court. By pre-empting the hurt, I told myself I was keeping myself from being blindsided.Observing your Partner’s Behavior Monitoring Your Partner’s Online Activity Checking on Your Partner’s Mobile Phone Activities Researching Unknown People Online Hiring a Private Investigator Confronting your Partner Community Q&A Today’s technology allows people to connect and hide their activities more easily than ever before.

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