ohio laws backdating insurance policies - Dating case pocket knives

Enter only the digits on your knife, not the letters.

For example, if your code is 105 RC, then enter 105 into the field.

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Case has introduced 33 distinct tang stamps since 1905 for its folding knives, and 17 stamps on its fixed-blade knives.

See References for a complete gallery, which will also help you to identify the years of manufacture.

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The only reliable way to tell your Puma knife's manufacture date is through the company's website.

Puma provides an interactive field on its frequently asked questions page where you can enter the digit code on your knife.

Press the "view" button to the right of the field and the information on your knife's manufacture date will appear in green just below the box. O' Connell shares her love of adventure travel, extreme sports and pets through thousands of published articles.

In the case of the 105 RC, the website returns the information that the company made it in the first half of 2005. O' Connell studied journalism at Grand Canyon University, and brings professional experience as a tour guide and travel consultant.

The code is a two-, three- or five-digit number stamped into the pushing spring of pocket knives, or on the finger guard of fixed blade knives.

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