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I knew from the second I discovered Leadpages that my email list was going to see some serious growth. I've used Leadpages for my product launches, live webinars, trainings, sales pages, free giveaways and thank you pages—you name it.Our support specialists and marketing educators are ready to share their expertise whenever you need it, whether you're building your first page or trying out a new integration.The Vladimir Mother of God Commemoration of the Vladimir Icon of the Mother of God and the deliverance of Moscow from the Invasion of Tamerlane Commemorated August 26/September 8 Commemorated August 26/September 8 Vladimir Icon of the Mother of God Ukrainian Council of Churches rejects unchristian gender terminology Now is not the time to speak of restoring monarchy Bp. Bartholomew from serving Dormition Liturgy in Panagia Sumela Monastery In other words, procrastination, the guilty feelings about failing to do what we intended to do, arise from poor judgment, poor self-control, and a failure to face squarely our own problems.

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John of Shanghai and San Francisco, the wonderworker, is our contemporary, having reposed only a little over half a century ago, in 1966that is, quite recently.

The construction of a church is a sacrifice to God; to allocate a parcel of land for church services is to sacrifice unto God a part of your own property, but most of all it is a gift of your love, your zeal.

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Churches are not needed by God Whose throne is heaven and Whose footstool is the earth; it is we who need them.

Protsingel Arsenie (Muscalu) is one of the most respected Romanian spiritual fathers of our days.

At the same time, I have carved out the career for myself which I wanted.

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