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During the II World War appeared to be the time if a huge growth for Bernus company which was busy with military watches production as many other watch producers.they were made in manufactures which produced jewellery and pocket watches. Of course, a list like this is based on personal preference, but I have attempted to consider a wide range of tastes Zenith Official Website - Swiss luxury watches for men and women, combining noble watchmaking traditions with avant-garde innovations. One of the most important and prestigious American watch manufacturers was the Gruen Watch Company, founded by a brilliant father-and-son team of horologists, Dietrich and Fred Gruen.

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But it was the company’s well-earned reputation for precision and ingenuity – BENRUS helped pioneer the waterproof watch, and their version became standard issue for WW II frogmen – that led to the awarding of Top Secret government contracts for BENRUS to manufacture timing devices for use in bombs and other sophisticated weaponry.

Throughout the war, BENRUS watches were the trusted combat companions of American airmen, soldiers, and sailors serving in the European and Pacific theaters.

Please feel free to post any information you may have about this watch. The question of whether it's worth it is up to you.

I have no idea how to open this watch and I don't think I'll attempt it. While this is not an investment grade watch, it is an attractive piece of good quality.

I believe (and don't quote me on this) that the term "shock absorber" was a reference to a Benrus-specific modification that allowed the cap jewel on the balance to lift. This case design was aimed at mimicking the rectangular models that were popular whilst using the more common "round" watch movement.

I have one similar that houses an ETA 900; you can see the shock absorber screwed to the balance cock.

The bulk of manufacturing took place in the company-owned factory in Switzerland – where BENRUS made history by appointing the first woman ever to run a major Swiss company.

Cases were made in the company’s Connecticut factory.

I have recently acquired a Benrus watch that looks very old. Benrus typically used good quality Swiss movements from various manufacturers (they didn't make their own movements).

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