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True kitchen collectibles as well as great accent pieces for any room.Here is the first presentation from my upcoming video about antique utensils and Dutch oven cooking.Molds (or moulds, as it is also spelled) were popular during the Victorian Era, when dishes such as savory chicken-and-ham raised pie, sherry-infused calf’s-feet jelly, and sweet, palate-cleansing blancmange were all the rage.

Another form of ceramic mold was designed for cookies and gingerbread.

To use these molds, a cook would press dough into the top of the mold, whose inside would leave an impression of a gingerbread man or perhaps Santa Claus on the outside of the cookie.

This article will introduce you some of the more popular antique utensils as well as pricing information for specific categories. Quite a variety of cast iron molds were used for gems, rolls, corn sticks and other baked menu items. Arbuckle's was the first company to develop a process of pre-roasting coffee beans so the end user had only to grind the beans before brewing.

The items included in this article represent utensils that would be common in the late 1800's (Victorian). 1 Large kitchen fork and 4 kitchen spoons, two sizes. The largest variety were tin and copper molds shaped like everything imaginable. Coffee beans were stocked in chuck wagons in quantities of 100 pounds or more and Arbuckle's shipping crates are very collectible and demand high prices.

Antique Utensils ranging from bread proofing pans to Archimedean egg beaters.

We offer nice wire ware items and other utensils including apple peelers and revolving graters.specializes in antique jewelry and vintage watches with emphasis on Victorian, Edwardian, Art Deco, and Art Nouveau eras.Their inventory includes antique cameos, enamels, lavelieres, mourning and hair jewelry, pocket watch chains, fobs, early Victorian rings and pendants, Edwardian and Art Deco filigree, military sweetheart pieces and other vintage militaria, Tobacciana, including antique cigar cutters and vintage cigarette cases.Antique Utensils Nodiscussion of Victorian cooking would be complete without addressing the antique tools and utensils of the period. The side mill was typically the type used on a chuck wagon because it was easily mounted to the side of a chuck box and had a low profile.The modern kitchen is sparsely equipped compared to its Victorian counterpart. Generally you will find side mills mounted to a board of some type because the board serves as the back of the mill.This is a beautiful example of tinware in a size that will work great in any chuckbox or kitchen.

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