Dating and praying

So, marriage is all about getting ready to see Jesus, and dating comes before marriage, so dating should have that as the priority, as well.

You could do all those actions, and still have your heart far from Jesus.

This means that we are agreeing to accept anything that may be wrong with it. Some defects may be visible, some you may not be able to see right away. We sometimes know exactly what we’re getting ourselves into. In the beginning of any relationship , this is when we try to impress one another. However, IF we spend a little more time getting to really know a person AND praying for God’s will, eventually their true colors will show.

This person is showing you who they are up front, but you’re so blinded by who you to really get to know the person. We want to show this person how we are so different and better than anyone he/she has ever dated. But you can’t pray for God to reveal these things to you and then dismiss them when He shows you they are not the one for you. They’re going to make sure you’re exactly who you say you are by checking your I. They’re going to check your baggage and even do a full body check to make sure you’re not hiding anything.

According to Kropf, the desire to pray together as a couple is similar to the desire to share a sexual experience because both are anchored in the human need for intimacy."Unmarried, Christian couples may not race to the bedroom to be physically intimate, but many do race to be emotionally intimate and don't realize that it can be just as damaging because their shared sense of intimacy is actually premature," Kropf said. A clear understanding of each other’s strengths and weaknesses3.

"It's not built upon the foundations that are important for a lasting relationship." Compassion Must Surpass Love in Lasting Relationships What exactly are those foundations? Shared visions of the importance of money, marriage, and children in their lives4.

Any relationship that is built on the foundation of God’s word offers a great opportunity for growth.

Many Christian couples struggle in their relationships because they forget the core principles of godliness, purity, and unconditional love that is modeled in scripture.

The world looks at Christian dating as something foreign, something that should be put in a cage and observed from afar.

The notion of Christian dating brings to their mind awkward side hugs, high fives, no kissing, constantly talking about Jesus, and reflecting on how we can be more like Tim Tebow. In other words, those are the fruit of a Christian relationship, but they’re not the root.

10 Things You Can Learn From Marriage Studies Karen Kropf, founder of the nonprofit organization, Positively Waiting, author of has much to say on the subject.

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